Avon Sports Boosters

Sports boosters represent a great cause for all AHS student athletes.  The money collected supports ALL the athletic programs equally at Avon High School. Since 1991, the Booster Club has donated approximately $20,000 yearly to help furnish the AHS athletes with awards, meal money, and other necessities.

The athletic department earmarks the following:

  • patches, chevrons, letters, etc.
  • flowers for the mothers on Senior night
  • $10.00 per athlete to be used towards a team meal/banquet
  • One of the other large donations provided by the Booster Club are scholarships to Senior, college bound athletes. Last year the Booster club awarded 15 scholarships worth a total of $7500. The scholarship requires writing an essay based on a given topic and a set criteria with points being awarded for each point of the essay. One of the perks to joining Sports Boosters is that for every year a family is a member, their child earns additional points toward the total accumulated points needed to earn a scholarship. Additional information about the scholarship requirements will be sent out later.


Each sport at Avon High School is assigned to do concession duty.  Because football has the most participants, we get assigned more concession stand duties.  This is another way to raise money for the Sports Boosters.  A Signup Genius link with our assigned events and dates will be sent out as they are provided.  There will need to be 3 volunteers per event.  Athletes are also eligible to assist with concession stand duty and this can count as a volunteer activity.  However, there must be at least one adult. The duty is actually very easy.  The concession stand is ran as a grab and go.

The Sports Boosters are always looking for corporate sponsors. If you know of a company – or have your own company – that would like to sponsor the program, please contact the Amy Nickol at alnickol@gmail.com.