Avon QB Club

What is Avon Quarterback Club?
The Avon Quarterback Club is a non-profit group made up of volunteers, parents, guardians, and coaches that believes deeply in the success of our student athletes. We recognize in order for our football program to continue to be successful, it takes coaches, students, parents and strong community support to join forces. The Quarterback Club needs you to help make it a successful season for the players.

What else does the QB Club do?
The Avon football program supports about 150 student athletes. During the season, the QB Club plans and coordinates team meals for Varsity and JV, coordinates tailgates for certain home games (open to Freshman players, all parents, grandparents, friends and families), supplying snacks each night at team camp, purchasing equipment and supplies for the team and hosting a year end banquet to honor the coaches and players for their accomplishments. (Open to Freshman, JV, and Varsity)

How do I get involved?
If you are not currently on the email list, or know someone who wants to be added, please email us at AvonQuarterbackClub@gmail.com. This is extremely important for all parents/guardians, especially JV and Varsity as we send out all team dinner information through email only. We are also on Twitter and Facebook under Avon QB Club.

Why do I pay a snack fee?
The fee helps offset some of the cost for the sandwiches, chips, cookies, and Gatorades provided to your player before AND after every away game. This also includes snacks that Coach keeps on hand for whenever the boys may need a little extra. The players need nourishment and hydration before the game and after the game on the bus ride home.  Volunteers arrange picking up and handing out food before and after games as the players get on the bus. We want all our players to be able to eat, that is why the fee is mandatory.

Why is the QB Club fundraising so important
The funds raised by the QB Club are used to purchase home and away meals, snacks, drinks, Thursday night team meal items, Saturday morning donuts, etc. This also allows the QB Club to purchase a steak dinner and gifts for all the seniors at the year-end banquet. We were blessed this past season to be able to buy some much-needed big-ticket items for the team, including a football golf cart. 

The athletes love and appreciate all that the QB Club has been able to provide. Please help us continue to make that possible through fundraising. We believe it takes a FOOTBALL FAMILY to help our team be successful.

Please contact us and Get Involved Today!

For more information, please contact Avon QB Club President, Laurie Bandy.