SOS Football Camp

We are Indiana’s premier football camp with programs designed for every position and every age group. Whether you are trying out for the football team for the first time, or you are developing your skills as a seasoned player, SOS Football Camp is for you.

The Scheib O’Hara Scheib or SOS football camp is designed to improve your ability to play the game of football. The camp has everything you need to be successful as both an athlete and as a football player.

If you are serious about improving as a football player, this is a camp you need to attend.

$150 For Unlimited Camp (4 Sundays: 4/24; 5/1; 5/8; 5/15)
Camper can attend any camp site and multiple camps each Sunday

*Single session rates of $45 per session, which must be paid at the location of the session you attend*

$90 For College Showcase Only
The College Showcase is for current Juniors (’23 Grads) and Sophomores (’24 Grads) 
*Showcase cost included with 2022 SOS Camp Registration*

College Showcase
Sophomores (’24 Grads) & Juniors (’23 Grads)
Sunday, June 5, 2022  •  2:00 PM – 5:00 PM  •  North Central High School