APC Strength Program



 Improve athletic performance (Strength-Speed-Agility-Quickness)

 Improve confidence and self-esteem

 Reduce the risk of injury


 Core Lifts include: Bench Press, Back Squat, and Power Clean

 ALL athletes are required to perform the fundamental weight room progressions, listed below. Athletes NEW to APC spend the first 9-weeks focusing on fundamentals.

TESTING/MAX OUTS (each semester includes two testing periods):

 3-REP MAX at the end of the 1st 9-weeks (Bench-Incline-Back Squat-Front Squat-Clean-Hang Clean)

 1-REP MAX at the end of the semester (Bench-Incline-Back Squat-Front Squat-Clean-Hang Clean)

It is important to understand that the student-athletes have prepared and performed 18-weeks of training before they attempt their 1-REP MAX.

Once the 3-REP/1-REP MAX OUT has been established, the athlete can begin using the “Conquer the Column” chart. The chart provides each student with a pre-determined amount of weight for each set to be performed daily.

These progressions are performed daily/weekly to ensure proper technique, injury prevention, and improve athletic performance.


Back Squat Progression: BACK SQUAT EXERCISE TECHNICAL QUES: 1. Air Squat – Feet Together (Knees- Mid-shin- Ankle- Palms OUT) 1. Hands slide down the legs-Good hip hinge 2. Air Squat – 6” Apart (Knees-Mid-shin-Ankle-Palms IN) 2. Knees out- Heels Down 3. Air Squat – Shoulder Width Apart (Kn-Mid-Shin-Ankle-Palm IN) ** Hips down Test (heels stay down??) 4. Air Box Squat – Should Width Apart (round-flat-round-REPEAT) 1. Flat back-Fall forward(nose to toes)-Hips through 2. Hip mechanics-Trunk stability 5. Air Squat- Hands crossed chest 1. Feet shoulder width apart- toes pointed to 11 & 1 6. Air Squat- Prisoner 2. Vertical Spine- Vertical Shins 7. Air Squat- Arms OH/Palms Up 3. Knees out down-Knees out up 1. Single DB/KB Goblet Squat 2. DB/KB Squat, held at side 3. DB/KB between box squat 1. Barbell Front Squat 1. Hand/Bar position (drill – towels under armpit) 2. Barbell Zercher Squat 2. Vertical Spine/Vertical Shins 3. Barbell Box Squat (parallell) 3. Knees out down-Knees out up LEVEL 2- MEDIUM LOAD/AVERAGE MOB Follow same steps as stated above LEVEL 3- HIGH LOAD/AVERAGE MOB LEVEL 1 – LOW LOAD/LOW MOBILITY

Power Clean Progression: POWER CLEAN TECHNICAL QUES: 1. Feet Placement – shoulder width apart Toes pointed at 11 and 1 o’clock 2. Hand Placement- (per preference of each individual) Outside hip or outside shoulder width 3. Hook Grip- fingers hooked over the thumbs ** Not required, but helps with extra grip strength 4. Posture- good upright body position Head up/Chest up/shoulder blades down and back 5. Hip Clean- hip drive-shrug-drop (shurg & drop) Emphasize Triple extension (Toe-Knee-Hip Extension) * “THE CATCH” * Feet Placement- (land in good athletic position) Feet shoulder width apart * Shoot Elbows- good posture Up slow, down FAST! * Bar Placement- on front of shoulders Hands need to be outside shoulders in catch pos. 6. Front Squat to Finish (vertical spine) Posture- good upright body position Emphasize Triple extension (Toe-Knee-Hip Extension) Head up/Chest up/shoulder blades down and back Hip hinge- bend at the waist, not the belly button Verticl Shins/Vertical Spine Butt down/Head up/Chest up/shoulder blades down and back Lift with legs **NOT LOW-BACK”** Follow Progression Above 9. Power Clean 8. Deadlift (pull from the floor) INTRODUCTION 6. RDL/Hip Hinge (romanian deadlift) Follow Progression Above LEVEL 2- MEDIUM LOAD/AVERAGE MOB LEVEL 3- HIGH LOAD/AVERAGE MOB 5. Hip Clean- (shurg & drop) * Mid-Thigh/above knee/below knee/mid-shin 7. Hang Clean Positions: START FINISH EXERCISE LEVEL 1 – LOW LOAD/LOW MOBILITY